Product Development

SDK/OEM modules for corporate systems

In large companies, it has become a practice to create their own solutions flexibly adapted to the IT landscape and business processes of the company.

Having accumulated experience in large businesses, we offer solutions that can be flexibly integrated into your own IT solutions. An OEM license will allow you to create your own software products based on our modules for your own purposes or for sales to partners or third-party customers.

In our arsenal of solutions for the construction business: Transformator, Transporter, Mediabank
All solutions are supplied in the SDK format. Request an offer.

SaaS solutions for business

SaaS solutions allow you to close the necessary need without complex configuration and implementation. Solutions combine in support services, which increases reliability. We have a unique experience in building SaaS solutions using local storage in the Customer's circuit. it important for corporate information security policy.

Hardware and software systems and client-server solutions based on ARM and x86

Unique experience in the field of solutions on the ARM architecture and client-server applications allows you to create large-scale solutions flexibly combining technologies. For ARM solutions, we close the full range of production from the selection of components and the development of our own cases to branding and protection of the software part. Our client-server solutions are designed for heavy workloads with advanced requirements information security, easy administration and economy of infrastructural capacities.

We also offer development of SDK/SaaS solutions in partnership. We will lead the way from idea to implementation by deciding all technical questions. Especially valuable in our approach - we do not require a clear statement of work from the customer. We fix product expectations. This allows you to flexibly build a product approach to achieve your goals, and not formal work. Learn more about working with ideas.

We are proud of our products and think through a long cycle of subsequent development. Such a campaign, confirmed The quality of our products contributes to long-term cooperation.