Investment partnership

We attract investments at various stages of implementation from MVP to finished products. You can choose a project With appropriate return and risk. Available options for cooperation from a million rubles.


We develop products in the field of PropTech. Solutions for the digitalization of construction. This includes solutions for investment project management, document management, construction control and other various directions based on full or partial BIM modeling as a construction digitalization methodology. Market mature enough to implement business solutions, yet broad enough to find unique not closed niches. The construction industry is a kind of fintech 2.0: a complex multidirectional sphere and highlighting appropriate funding to address emerging management issues.


Our main expertise is in business products for large companies. We have experts in our team implemented projects of both small solutions for the digitalization of the work of business units and complex high-load systems for working with users outside the loop. We also cover issues of information security and infrastructure. We conduct product analytics and market research.

Project stages

MVP for testing hypotheses, we implement an iterative approach in product development. At the beginning, we highlight from the MVP idea (minimum viable product). This is the first version of the product with only the most necessary functionality for testing. hypotheses for closing the user's problem being solved. The MVP stage is often the cheapest and fastest to return. investment, but has the maximum risks in terms of implementation and the final result. In projects at the MVP stage we attract investments from a million rubles with a profit of 35% per annum. Pre-Seed stage of product cultivation, when there is ready-made MVP, the market and interest are clear, investments are needed for scaling the solution and marketing. Stage It has average risks for the return of investments, but the amount of investments starts from 10 million rubles. with a profit of 25% per annum. Seed stage of product development, when there are regular customers, indicators of attracting new ones and costs are clear on the future development. The stage has minimal risks for return on investment. In fact, it is a working business and investments are needed to accelerate development. Investment amounts start from 100 million rubles with a profit of 20% per annum. At any stage, there is a possibility of reselling your obligations to another investor and receiving additional profit. There is also the option of joint investment in projects.

Investment protection

To protect investments, we use a scheme with options. This allows you to get the most secure option. cooperation with the involvement of a notary. At all stages of the project, we are working on the issues of intellectual property protection. This allows reduce risks for created products and create an intangible asset as a financial instrument management.

General scheme of cooperation

  1. Let's get acquainted. We conclude an NDA agreement
  2. The investor is provided with a list of current projects and a closed group to inform about new ones. projects
  3. If interested, we prepare an option agreement
  4. The contract specifies the stages of project implementation and obligations on the part of the investor
  5. The option is notarized
  6. During the implementation, the investor receives updates on the development of the project and is invited to demo days
  7. Based on the results of completion, we make decisions on the continuation of the project and the next stages. Investor implements his option either exits the transaction making a profit.